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Looking for some nice Chinese restaurant in Penang? Here I got one that I always visit. It’s Feng Wei 风味 Chinese Restaurant that located on Jalan Sri Bahari which is also right opposite The Ship In Town (Western Cuisine).

It’s open during lunch hour and during dinner time, so in between this two time, the restaurant is off for break.

Most of my visit to the restaurant is during lunch time.

Let’s get into the food. There’s only 3 people and we ordered 3 dishes and it’s enough to us.

First, we got vegetable, kangkung fried with sambal and shrimps. Not very spicy but taste good.

Next is the black pepper fish fillet in pieces with lots of onion. This is quite nice as that was the first time trying this.

One of their famous dish is this Chinese Softshell Turtle in a pot (cantones: shui2 yu2 bo4). Cooked with mushrooms and other chinese spices, the gravy is nice to eat with rice and you should this out.

Last but not least, there’s a dessert for us. It’s a hot homecooked soya bean juice.

I noticed that there’s a lot of tourist as well as local like to visit the restaurant. They do have room for private function like a family gathering.

Located on Jalan Sri Bahari. Click here for the map.

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  • jackey
    any 1 hv feng wei's contact#? phone#?
  • I don't have, sorry I can't help you.
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