Sin Kheng Aun serves nice Hainanese food in Georgetown

Georgetown do have nice Hainanese food. Sin Heng Aun or Shin Kheng Aun restaurant is one of the old restaurant that have been in town for a long time that serves nice Hainanese food. The restaurant is also operate by Chinese Hainanese, Mr Ong who is a very friendly person.

Located near Chulia Street where you see 7-11 then with a turn into Lorong Chulia and you will see Sin Kheng Aun. A little parking space is provided so parking is not really a problem there, a Indian man is always taking care of the parking space.

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Above picture showing is Mr Ong who runs the restaurant over years. He had been here for many years and remember when I was small like few years old, dad has already bringing me to eat out at Sin Kheng Aun. Restaurant is not AC but then it won’t be hot because air ventilation is good and there’s fan. =)

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Sharing here are some dishes that we always ordered. It’s always been nice to me and that’s why sticking with the same dishes over and over again does not bored me off.

Greens we got 菜心清炒 which is plain fried of heart of cabbage. Remember to ask for “not so oily” because oily dish is not good for health.

Next is fried liver and pork. This dish taste sweet, I don’t like the pork liver because I don’t eat it but then the meat is nice and I love the gravy too.

IMG_3166 by you.IMG_3174 by you.

A famous dish in the restaurant is the curry pomfret (gulai tumis tow tay), soup in the fish is sourish and not very spicy. This is good, in fact all of these are good. Haha.

Chinese loves soup, I love soup and we got fish bone soup with a lot of toufu and pork.

IMG_3172 by you.

3 dishes and 1 soup for 3 person. It’s just nice.

Good place to eat some homecooked Hainanese food in a old coffeeshop restaurant.

Click here for map to Sin Kheng Aun Hainanese Restaurant.

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  • Too spicy food is a no no for me. I prefer food that is prepared organically, for health issue.
  • Fern LPF
    luved this place especially the 'harm yue guet taufoo thong' ;D
    I had been going there, eat there and also 'tapau-ing' from there since very very very young... and Mr. Ong is like an old friend *thumbs up*
  • Yeah yeah, I like the harm yu guat toufu tong, nice nice! They very friendly and always add soup one. I never tapau before.
  • wow! i am hearing tone ringing in my brain, "eat, eat , eat here" so chinese . . . such a heritage food!
  • Nicholas Chan
    Must try, must visit. Trust me.

    Haha, yeah man.

    Criz Lai:
    Haha, some times only go upstairs. I saw that before, better than Old Town New World Park's electric elevator.

    Ya, delicious indeed.

    ck lam:
    Ya. Old technology way to send food up.
  • The gulai tumis fish is a must order dish in this restaurant...and tow tay fish is the only fish available for this gulai.

    I was also impressed with the manual elevator that I even have the photos in my blog too.

    ck lam
  • The curry pomfret looks so delicious !
  • The Gulai Tumis is always a must have in this restaurant. Wasted you did not sit upstairs or you would experience how they pass the food up by a simple manual elevator :)
  • ........ look so delicious and yummy....

    great food + delicious food = perfect match
  • Looks like a lot of nice homely food....and I've heard so much about this restaurant from all Penangites, and I haven't been there:p
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