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Recently, I went to Kocha Taiwanese Restaurant at Burma Road for lunch. What I had ordered was the 3 Cups Chicken (as direct translate from Chinese 三杯鸡 san1 bei1 ji1). I don’t really know why it is called the 3 Cups Chicken but after eating it, it’s something nice and delicious. The chicken is cooked in Chinese style with soya sauce, not too salty, with extra spices and ingredient which I am not familiar with.

IMG_8198 IMG_8199

It’s a set meal that I had ordered which comes with 2 vegetable side dish, a soup, a dessert, fruits and a drink. It’s good that I can say. =)

It’s located on the junction of Jalan Kimberly and Jalan Burma. You will see it as you cruise along Jalan Burma, on your left.

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